Friday, December 16, 2005

Band of Former Killswitch Engage Drummer Posts Mp3 Download

Something of a Silhouette is something you gotta hear. It's the brainchild of former Killswitch Engage drummer Tom Gomes and his girlfriend Sara Saffery.

An excerpt from their profile:
"Something Of A Silhouette formed in 2004 when songwriter Tom Gomes (former Killswitch Engage / Aftershock drummer) decided to write a song purely for the sake of hearing his girlfriend Sara Saffery sing for the first time. After two years of touring the world as a heavy metal drummer, it was time for something new. His vision was to create a soft and ambient sound, far different from his previous bands. Although this was only their first attempt at writing together, Tom and Sara knew that they had stumbled upon something unique."

It's something unique. Really. And something fresh.

Their mp3 tracks are not usually available for free download. But we got lucky. They posted their mp3 'MayDay' on the Free Music Download Spotlight of's homepage.

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