Friday, December 16, 2005

Metallica Video Online: New Metal

Metallica released a message thru a six minute video posted on their official website The band talked about their NEW METAL and their next studio album which is tentatively scheduled for release in late 2006.

Drummer Lars Ulrich was particular about being in the ‘Tallica’ mode again, playing new metal and working on new material.

Here’s an excerpt from the video message:

Lars Ulrich: “It was fun getting out of the house and playing a couple of shows, getting a little sweat going, and getting up and sharing some metal moments with our San Francisco friends. And there was a bunch of you guys that flew in from all corners of the country and the world, so we appreciate that. It was fun. And it kind of got us kind of back into the mode of being ‘TALLICA again, so we’ve been here [in the rehearsal room] . . . kicking around the last couple of weeks, working on some new, uh… some new what?” (looks at Hetfield)

James Hetfield: “New metal.”

Kirk Hammett: “No, it’s not ‘nu’ metal. It’s METAL.”

James Hetfield: “K-N-E-W. Knew metal. We knew metal, and still know metal.”

Kirk Hammett: “Actually, this is more like Jurassic metal.”

Checkout the video message at or stream it from here.

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